10 Best Immersion Blenders 2017

Are you a smoothie master, or do you love to create warming winter soups?

Whatever you’re busy cooking up, an immersion blender is the ultimate tool for helping you create smooth blends. Most modern immersion blenders are compact and easy to use, and they come with stainless steel blades that get the job done, whilst staying sharp for the long haul.

So, which immersion blender are best ones on the market right now? Luckily, we’ve put together a list of immersion blenders that made the cut (excuse the pun), and have included some useful tips on getting the best value for your money.

Braun MQ777 Multiquick

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The Braun Multiquick is a great high-end blender, and has a range of features you’d expect to find at this level.

It offers EasyClick attachments that make it easy to swap from blender to whisk, plus it also has a handy “Turbo” button to give an added boost when tackling tough foods like nuts. This blender also comes with a handy whisk and beaker that make it easy to create cake batters.

  • Nice price
  • Good features
  • Well-known brand.

  • Weak handle

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Royal 5-Piece Hand Blender & Smoothie Maker

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The Royal 5 blender piece  is another blender from a manufacturer that’s well known. It is packed with features. The blender serves up a blending stick, whisk plus two separate bowls for whisking and smoothie making.

It also comes with a rather handy wall mount, allowing you to keep your blender within easy reach.

This immersion blender also features two speeds, which offer more versatility in general. Like all Royal products, the 5-piece blender comes with a 30 days money back guarantee.

  • Cheap price
  • Huge array of add-ons

  • Low quality materials
  • Unable to chop the bottom of the bowl over time

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All-Clad KZ750D Stainless Steel

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All-Clad is built with quality. This is one blender that’s built to last, not too shabby considering the price tag. It offers variable motor speeds, a larger blending head, plus quite a large cutting blade. This allowed the All-Clad to really get to work in all bowl area.

The blender comes with a range of add-ons including fully covered bowl and whisk attachment.

  • Good built quality
  • Solid feel
  • Good-reach blending head.

  • Price might put some people off

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Cuisinart Smart Stick

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The Cuisinart is a rather nice piece of kit for the price – this blender is under $50. It comes with a nice and solid stainless-steel exterior and has the feel of more expensive brands. As for features, it has a two-speed motor which runs up to 200 watts, plus a covered in bowl and smoothie cup. It also comes with a whisk attachment that’s best used with the smoothie cup provided.

Another awesome feature the Cuisinart packs in is a push button pulse action. This is a great feature for bakers when creating batters that don’t need such aggressive blending.

  • A nice looking blender
  • Decent price.

  • The power button is cumbersome to use
  • tiresome after heavy use.

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Hamilton Beach 59762 2 Speed Blender

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This Hamilton Beach blender comes with very low price. Yet, it’s not a useless blender considering the price, and some good features are also provided. It has two speeds, a 225-watt motor and dishwater safe. It also comes with the all-important whisk attachment for bakers.

Like we said earlier, this blender is better than its price, especially for the lower end of the market. You can’t realistically beat the price and features on offer. However, some parts don’t look all that well made, so this is an immersion blender just for light use.

  • very cheap
  • dishwater safe
  • valuable on easy task

  • Low quality materials.
  • Not for more demanding home cook

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Aicok Immersion Hand Blender

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Aicok Immersion Hand Blender is not from a famous brand. Even so, this blender is a well-designed unit featuring a true variable speed control with multiple speeds, a huge array of attachments including blender, chopper, whisk and smoothie maker.

The variable speed system does give fine control over blending and the unit itself is easy to use. Aicok are obviously keeping one eye on quality control because this blender also comes with a 2-year guarantee, where we all can benefit from.

  • Features packed considering the price
  • Nicely designed handle
  • Impressive speed control system.

  • Not well-known brand

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Waring WSB33X Light Duty Immersion Blender

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You might think that a middle range blender that lacks any attachments wouldn’t even make our top 10 lists, you’d be wrong!

Sure, the Waring doesn’t have a whisk, and misses out on a chopper bowl either. However, this blender makes up for its lack of features with an almost unbelievable build quality. It’s about as close to chef grade as you’ll get on the domestic market.

This Waring blender features two running speeds, easy grip handle and 100-Watts of power. The power output sounds quite low, yet the motor and running gear are designed to make the best use of the blenders output. As with all other Waring products, this Waring Light Duty blender is a quality unit, and comes with a very solid warranty to back it up.

  • Superb build quality.
  • Decent price

  • Lack of features.

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Best for Tight BudgetsElite Cuisine EHD-1000R Maxi

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We thought long and hard before including a sub $25 immersion blender into our roundup.

At this price range, build quality tends to suffer badly as manufacturers look to cut costs in all aspects of the blender functionality. Even so, we decided to really consider the best budget immersion blender we could find and the Elite Cuisine easily won.

Okay, it’s not going to win any design awards, and yes, it doesn’t have a whisk attachment; however, we feel this blender can provide good use, and the build quality is decent. It features a 150-Watt motor, single speed control and the blade does reach perfectly into bowls and saucepans.

Whilst the Elite Cuisine would never win best all-rounder, it’s cheap, easy to use and appears well made considering the price constraints. Although it does lack some features, we believe it packs a punch that belies its modest price tag.

  • Very low price
  • More valuable than its price tag

  • Lower powered motor
  • Lack of whisk attachment
  • Not easy to use in all areas where cuts were made.

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Best Mid-Range BlenderOvente 6 Speed 500 Watt Immersion Blender

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One thing we’ll say right off the bat, this blender is an absolute beast!

The 500-watt motor really makes short work of smoothies and you might even elect to use it in the lower powered mode most of the time! To go with the speedy motor, it also has LED control buttons, two speed operations, plus one fully enclosed bowl and a whisk / whisk cup.

One other point we noticed about the Ovente is that it’s nice to hold. The buttons are easy to use and compared to other blenders, say the Cuisinart for example, it’s much easier to use. This blender is highly recommended if you suffer with arthritic hands and need your immersion to make use as easy as possible.

Our top pick for a mid-range blender was a straight up race between the Ovente, and the Waring. However, once we did a double take we realized that the Ovente should be our top pick for mid ranged blending. It offers great build quality, a decent warranty and in direct contrast to the Waring, it offers a full range of attachments to suit all cooks.

A noticeable drawback is that the attachment snaps take a little force to use. This is a real shame but even so, we would still rate it highly for those who need a simple to operate blender.

  • Well made
  • Quality attachments
  • Very easy to use.

  • The attachment snaps take a little force to use.

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Best All RounderBreville BSB510XL

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This immersion blender really blew us away. It’s superbly priced, almost in the middle market yet looks, feels and works like a much more expensive unit.

As for features, the Breville packs a punch with true ergonomic grips, variable speeds, plus a healthy 8 inches immersion depth. It also comes with chopping bowl and a whisk with well sized mixing bowl. This is one blender for the bakers out there!

So why have we chosen this blender as our best all-rounder?

Well, it’s keenly priced for useful features available, and we found a brilliant balance between the feel, build quality and attachments included. We also felt that the Breville drew more praise during use, even more than the Braun which costs considerably more.

  • Well price
  • Good design
  • Packed with features.

  • Ergonomic handle takes a little getting used to.


Buyers Guide

When choosing an immersion blender, it really comes down to a few options:

  • What attachments do you need?
  • Do you need a higher speed device, or will lower Wattage work fine?
  • How often will you use it and how much punishment will it need to take?

If you like to bake, you’ll probably want to buy a blender with a whisk attachment to go with the blender.

Thankfully, most manufacturers do include a whisk these days, although it’s worth checking before you buy. We’ve been careful to list the models we know come with one as standard.

Another thing to watch for is the motor speed. A solid, general purpose immersion blender should come with about at least 200-Watts of power.

Some manufacturers do like to include supremely powerful motors in their blenders, Ovente being a great example within our guide; however, you’ll likely find anything over 250-Watts overkill for your needs.

The last thing to keep a close eye on is build quality. This is even more important at the lower end of the price spectrum, as manufacturers can often bundle lots of equipment, whilst making cut backs where it truly matters.

When we analyze a unit, we tend to look for giveaway clues to judge quality:

  • The unit finish and feel. Some blenders simply “feel right”. This is often something that starts to occur in the middle to upper price range though.
  • A decent length of warranty. Anything upwards of a year is good and once a manufacturer offers 2 years you can be sure they trust the unit to last.
  • The snap on attachments. Sometimes, attachments are too difficult or just don’t “snap on” This is often a dead giveaway that the design process was cut short!