10 Best Personal Blenders 2017

With so many different options available to pick and choose from, most feel like buying a perfect personal blender is going to be a lot easier than it ends up being.

Sure, it’s nice to have a myriad of different blenders to pick and choose from, but at the end of the day all of those options are going to cause all kinds of confusion and frustration in buyers – especially since so many of them promise the moon and the stars when it comes to benefits and features without ever meeting expectations.

Check out our quick buying guide for best 10 personal blunders below, and you will be able to cut through all of the confusion effortlessly, getting your hands on the perfect blender for you without any headache or hassle going forward.

Let’s dive right in!


Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender with Travel Lid, purple

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Feature Highlights:

  • Very low price
  • Well design
  • Pretty quiet

Easily one of the most popular personal blender options available for sale right now, this particular unit from Hamilton Beach doubles as a travel mug – allowing you to blend up your favorite smoothies, juices, and beverages in this unit and then grab and go without any need for transferring anything into another container.

You’ll be able to rock ‘n roll right off the bat with this blender. While it isn’t one of the most powerful options that you’re going to come across, it’s plenty powerful enough to purée most fruits and vegetables into a perfectly smooth smoothie – even if they are frozen.

Affordable, smartly designed, relatively quiet, and definitely designed for personal use, this blender isn’t going to eat a lot of counter space or bite into your budget, either.


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BLACK+DECKER PB1002G FusionBlade Personal Blender

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Feature Highlights:

  • Well-known brand
  • More capacity
  • Powerful motor

Black and Decker have definitely turn things around as far as their reputation for producing quality goods is concerned, and today they make some of the finest affordable small kitchen appliances money can buy.

This blender is a little bit larger than most of the other personal blender options you’ll find on this list, but that’s because it houses a more powerful motor which drives the multiple blade cutting wheel at speeds most that other options couldn’t even come close to.

Not only is that going to produce a smooth finished result, but it’s also going to allow you to spend less time chopping up and preparing the ingredients that you add into this blender.

You won’t be able to add things completely whole (because of the size of the 20 ounce portable blending jars – two of which are included), but you’re still going to be able to cut down your prep work dramatically.

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Oster BLSTPB-WBL My Blend 250-Watt Blender with Travel Sport Bottle

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Feature Highlights:

  • Compact
  • High Speed
  • Stainless steel material

A worthy contender for our top spot, this blender from Oster is compact, portable, and includes a built-in travel sport bottle that fits right into the base of this blender allowing you to grab and go right after you have blended up a workout shake or smoothie.

The 250W blender engine is going to drive the blades at high speeds that are capable of ripping through most anything you can imagine, and the stainless steel material throughout guarantee that you’re able to chew through ice without any trouble at all.

A little bit more expensive than some of the other options on the market today, and without quite as nice a warranty as some of the contenders on this list, there are some shortcomings to moving forward in this direction – but for the most part this personal blender really knocks it out of the park.

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Keyton K-1BLENDER 21 oz Personal Blender with Travel Lid

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Feature Highlights:

  • Quiet
  • Affordable price
  • Energy efficiency

While this brand probably isn’t as much of a household name as the other options, we’ve already highlighted above, it’s quickly becoming one of most popular personal blender options because of its power, energy efficiency, near silent running capabilities, and of course it’s a very attractive price tag.

The unique engineering that went into the base of this personal blender provides for a close to silent operation, something that you just aren’t going to find in many other blenders – personal, portable, or otherwise. But it’s nice to have this special feature, especially if you’re going to be blending up something for a pre-workout while everyone else in your home is asleep.

The warranty isn’t all that special in this blender (it’s just 12 months long), and the reputation of the company hasn’t had enough time to really establish itself, but the early reviews for this blender are very positive.

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Magic Bullet Blender, Small, Silver, 11 Piece Set

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Feature Highlights:

  • Popular
  • High quality
  • Multi accessories

If you’re looking for what many consider to be a great personal blender, you need look no further than the Magic Bullet system.

Originally a blender that was sold almost exclusively during late-night TV infomercials, the Magic Bullet was so successful, so popular, and so in demand that you now have the opportunity to purchase it almost anywhere and everywhere blenders are sold.

The premium price tag is going to turn at least a handful of people away – especially since you can get some other personal blenders at about 50% this price tag elsewhere – but there’s a reason why this company commands such a higher fee and why they get it from tons and tons of people all over the world.

This blender utilizes high quality construction components throughout, smart engineering, and comes with 11 different pieces so that you can turn this personal blender into the only blender you ever need.


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BELLA Personal Size Rocket Blender

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Feature Highlights:

  • Modern design
  • Low price
  • Compact

Designated the “Rocket”, this blender is a lot like the Magic Bullet blender we described above but with a little bit of a different aesthetic and extra components and pieces to help you really make the most of this investment.

This Bella personal blender can be used very easy, and it is powerful enough to use preparing food because it can blend a range of ingredients. So, you can by far use it for preparing dip, puree soups, omelets, sources, and so on.

Some say that this blender runs a little bit hot and may even warm up your smoothies or your shakes, but others say it’s no big deal and it’s even advantageous if you want to make a “cold soup” like gazpacho in this personal sized blender.

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BLACK+DECKER PBJ2000 FusionBlade

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Feature Highlights:

  • Strong brand
  • BPA-free
  • Inexpensive

Another Black and Decker option on our list, really proving just how far this company has come in the last few years when it comes to producing top-notch small kitchen appliances, this particular unit is a little bit larger come a little bit more powerful, and comes with the “Fusion Blade” system designed to cut through, crush, and pulverize most anything that you pour into the 20 ounce BPA free blender jars that are included.

Relatively inexpensive, definitely compact enough to leave out on the kitchen counter without any trouble, and easy enough to clean and maintain for daily use, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth when you choose to go in this direction.

It might not feel as premium as some of the other options available on the market in this particular product category, but the longer warranty gives you all of the confidence you need to pull the trigger on this purchase.

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Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender with Travel Lid, Black (51103)

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Feature Highlights:

  • Very low price
  • Valuable
  • Well design

This personal blender from Hamilton Beach is one of bestseller products for a reason, and it’s easy to see why almost immediately after you plug this blender in and fire it up for the first time.

Designed to crush ice (whole cubes of ice, at that), this is definitely a powerhouse of a personal blender that can produce smoothies and shakes in a fraction of the time of its closest competitors. Not nearly as powerful as a traditional blender, it still offers plenty of juice to make quick work of any of the ingredients you dump right into it.

The included travel mug is a little bit awkward to handle and is definitely top-heavy, something that those that hope to bring this in the car with them are going to want to know about, but aside from that this is a pretty top-notch product across the board and something you want to consider getting your hands on.

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Nutri Ninja Pro

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Feature Highlights:

  • Trendy
  • Versatility
  • Quality built

Ninja Blender Systems are all the rage right now, and it’s easy to see why.

A lot like the Magic Bullet system we mentioned above, Ninja blenders were originally sold on TV and TV only, but they have started to become available most everywhere else as well. These blenders are very powerful, very intelligently designed, and command a premium price tag because of the premium components and construction materials used throughout.

If you’re on the hunt for a personal blender that you are going to buy for daily use and don’t expect to replace it for years, the Ninja system is where you’re going to want to spend your money. It’s definitely going to be more expensive up front, but you’ll get a lot of extra use and utility – not to mention longevity – out of this unit for sure.

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Secura 300W Personal Blender Smoothie Maker

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Feature Highlights:

  • Affordable
  • Stainless steel base
  • Performance

A personal smoothie maker featuring stainless steel blades, a 300 W motor, and two different sports bottles that fit right into the blending station. This particular option is powerful, compact, and beautifully designed – basically everything that you’re looking for in a personal blender.

It does run a little hot and it definitely runs a little loud, but for the most part this is a top shelf product that you are to expect years and years of usage out of without any letdowns or trouble along the way.

Not quite as expensive as the Ninja systems, and not quite as inexpensive as the Hamilton Beach or Black and Decker products, this hits that sweet spot between price, power, and performance that so many people are looking for these days.


Here’s what you want to look for in a personal blender

Now that you’ve had a look at the different personal blenders we recommend – and you really can’t go wrong with any of the 10 that we have listed above – you’ll want to better understand exactly what to look for in a particular blender to make this purchasing process go as smoothly as possible.

Power is critical

The more powerful your blender the easier it is going to be to blend of all kinds of different ingredients, and you’re going to want to look for a blender that offers at least 250 W of power if you want to blend and shock most ingredients.

If you’re going to be chopping up ice or want to purée ice into smoothies (or frozen ingredients, for that matter), you’ll want to step up to a blender that is at least offering 300 W of power if not more. Between 500W in 600W is a real sweet spot for a personal blender that’s going to be doing heavy-duty – though you might not have the budget to step up quite that high.

Capacity is key

You are also going to want to make sure that your new personal blender offers plenty of capacity so that you don’t have to worry about blending up your favorite drinks or foods in stages, wasting a lot of time, a lot of energy, and a lot of effort along the way.

The majority of the 10 options that we highlighted above are going to include at least a 20 ounce blending jar – and many of them include two or three of these jars to make sure you always have plenty of capacity to work with. This is an often overlooked feature, but you can’t afford to make the mistake of ignoring the capacity of your new personal blender until it is too late.

A warranty is important

Obviously, you don’t ever expect your brand-new personal blender to fall apart just a handful of times after you use it, but you also have to recognize that if you’re going to be using your new blender – your powerful blender – on a daily basis it’s going to be subjected to some pretty significant wear and tear.

Make sure that your new purchase (regardless of how expensive or inexpensive it might have been) is fully protected with a guarantee and warranty from a company you know you are going to be able to trust. Look for at least a 12 month warranty out of your personal blender, giving you the peace of mind you deserve so that you can confidently move forward with this purchase.