Vitamix 5200 vs. 5300

Your blender is one of the most important tools in the kitchen. It allows you to chop and dice up certain food components at a fraction of the time. They are safe, versatile, and offer a myriad of health benefits if used frequently.

In this article, we thoroughly discuss both the Vitamix 5200 and the 5300. Each of them was manufactured by Vitamix, a company whose reputation matches the quality of the blenders. No matter which one you buy, you’ll have a fully operational blender inside your home.

But for helping you make the right choice for your situation, we’ll compare each blender based on their features, benefits and their general functions. You’ll have enough confidence to buy a blender that’s suitable to your needs by the end of this article.

Before You Buy

Before we go onto our review, we suggest reading some of our buyer’s advice beforehand. In this section, we go over the details that you’ll want to consider before wasting money on a blender that you won’t need. This ensures that you’ll make the right decision when it’s time to purchase.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before purchasing a blender.

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Blender Speed

Understand that each blender comes with different types of control. Some blenders have the usual three control speeds while others have multiple options such as puree, crushed ice, smoothie, etc. The number of options you’ll need depends on your desired plans for the blender you intend to purchase.

Also, some blenders have manual controls where you can hold or press down the buttons to select the desired speed. Simply press another button to change the speed.

Alternatively, microprocessor blenders come with pre-programmed blend cycles. With these blenders, you can press a button and watch as the blender turns on and off on its own. This is great for those who are in need of an automatic blender while they continue extra kitchen tasks.

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How often do you plan to use it?

It’s true that most commercial blenders have higher quality. You need to consider how often you plan on using your blender. Once a year? For special occasions? Or daily for active shakes and smoothies. Find out your intended usage and frequency before buying any blender to ensure that you properly maximize its usage.


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Type of Blender Material

Here are the three types of material your blender jar can be made:


Intended Purpose


Plastic can be used for a variety of purposes, but are durable enough to survive stains and odors of blended ingredients.

If you are worried about the BPA contents of your plastic jar, there are BPA-free plastic alternatives available.


Simple to use, easy-to-clean but is heavy. If you drop a glass jar, chances are you won’t be able to use it afterwards!

Stainless Steel

Lighter than its glass compartment. However, stainless steel models don’t allow the user to see the contents of their food being blended.


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That being said, we are ready to go onto our buyer’s review. Here, we’ll separately review both the Vitamix 5200 and the 5300 to give you a greater understanding of what each product features. We’ll then use the last section to create comparisons between the two of them. After that, it’s up to you to decide which blender will grant you the most utility.


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Product 1 – Vitamix 5200

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Technical Specs

  • 2 HP Motor
  • 64 oz Capacity
  • 10 Variable Speed Control
  • Copolyester Blades
  • Easy-self cleaning


First introducing the Vitamix 5200. It’s a slim, yet powerful blender whose blade strength and speed can cut through the toughest of ingredients. Because of this, it’s a great choice for those who are serious about blending high-quality recipes.

To use the blender, place the desired ingredients inside of the container. Close the container and then press one of the various speeds to start. After about 30 seconds, your ingredients will be blended properly and ready for a snack, shake, or a complete meal. This blender does a great job of being simple enough to follow while also providing the performance needed to exceed the user’s expectation.

The Vitamix 5200 is made out of domestic and premium quality parts. Unlike cheaper blender models, the 5200 has over 70% of their compartments made in the USA. This means that their materials are less likely to break while still operating at a professional level.

You want to have a blender that’s easy to clean. The Vitamix 5200 provides a safe and simple method takes a manner of 60 seconds to fully clean out the blender. This blender offers a perfect set of self-cleaning options that helps maintain and preserve its value.

To clean the blender, start by mixing water and detergent inside of the blender. After that, place it on a high setting for about 30 seconds to give it a thorough clean and rinse. Doing this ensures that your blender stays in good condition and is safe from any unwanted bacteria or germs tampering with your machine.

Another feature consumers like is its consistency. The Vitamix 5200 has enough operating power and capabilities to make at least 75 mixed drinks a day. It’s backed by a strong motor and a blade that’s sturdy enough to deliver the same result each time the blender is in use.

But, you’ll want to watch out for this blender’s tendency to overheat. We suggest running the blender at an optimal speed to prevent this situation from occurring.

Overall, the Vitamix 5200 is the more inexpensive option in comparison to the 5300. It provides a reliable and consistent blender that’s able to perform daily operations with no hassle. You should get this product if you want something that has the durability needed to last for the long term.



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Product 2 – Vitamix 5300

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Technical Specs

  • 2 Horsepower
  • Stainless Steel Cutting Blades
  • BPA free 64 oz container
  • 120 Volts
  • Variable Speed & Pulse controls


Next is the Vitamix 5300. It’s one of Vitamix’s better selling blender models on today’s market. It’s a part of Vitamix’s C-Series, where the series was launched in 2007 and has been a staple of Vitamix’s lineup for years.

The design of this blender is mixed between Next Generation and Classic. It has a Next Generation Low-Profile 64 oz container that can be used to serve a maximum of 5 people. Additionally, the motor base has a housing compartment that’s used from the Vitamix Classic C-Series. Making it a versatile blender that has a unique design and an excellent overall package.

Its main feature is its Pulse setting. It’s designed to chop over smooth purées such as vegetable soups or salsas for healthier, heartier recipes. Consumers like it because it allows them to chop up larger ingredients into smaller chunks. This might be a good choice if you intend on using a blender to create soups and broths for dinner.

People also notice the machine’s variable settings. The machine comes with over 10 different speeds for users to utilize to their advantage. At its highest setting, it reaches a speed of 15,000 RPM (rotation per minute). You’ll want this device if you want complete control over the speed and functionality of your blender.

The additional accessories are another thing consumers like about this product. For instance, it comes with a tamping stick; which ensures that all of your ingredients are correctly mixed into the blender.

It also comes with an additional recipe book with over 70 recipes that are compatible with the blender. If you like to have extra features to complement the quality performance the Vitamix 5300 provides, this blender might not worth buying.

Shoppers across the board complained about the noise setting of this machine. If you can’t handle a blender that has a sound of over 80 decibels, this might not be a good choice for you.

Mainly, we believe that the Vitamix 5300 is blender whose performance is a reflection of its price. It’s able to handle a large volume of ingredients and still work after months of use. For those wanting a blender that can serve multiple people in one setting the Vitamix 5300 is the right choice.


Vitamix 5200 v. 5300: Who’s the Winner?

 Now, we review both the similarities and differences between the Vitamix 5200 and the 5300. Remember, while they are both are a part of Vitamix’s C-series, the 5300 is considered to be an upgrade. Read this section to know which blender is the superior based off of comparison.



Motor Speed

Vitamix 5200:

  • 2 HP

Vitamix 5300:

  • 2.2 HP

The Vitamix 5300’s motor speed runs at about 2.2 HP. Making it faster than the 5200 by only .2 HP. This added speed makes it easier for the user to blend tough ingredients such as nuts and vegetables without causing the device to overheat or show any gaps in its performance.

That doesn’t mean that the 5200 isn’t a strong blender. You’ll just have to be careful about what ingredients you place inside of it. It still works as a functional blender and has the consistency work months after its first use.

If you need a simple blender for everyday usage, then the 5200 is an excellent choice. But, the 5300 is great if you are seeking a quality blender that can serve multiple people in one setting. It has the horsepower and the motor speed to operate just as good as a commercial blender.

In the case of motor speed, Vitamix 5300 is clearly better.

Noise Level

Vitamix 5200:

  • 88 Decibels

Vitamix 5300:

  • 98 Decibels

According to the noise level, the Vitamix 5200 is the clear winner. While the 5300 has an upgraded motor, it sounds 10 decibels louder than the previous model. It’s a small difference, but it’s one worth noticing.

Remember, both blenders are from Vitamix’s C-Series product line. Meaning that they function properly, but don’t have a thorough noise cancellation feature. If sound is a major issue, then get the 5200 to receive the quieter model out of the two.

In the case of noise, Vitamix 5200 is clearly better.

Container Capacity

The container capacity is the first visible difference you’ll notice from these two blenders.The Vitamix 5200 has a Classic Container while the Vitamix 5300 has a Low-Profile Container.

The reason why the 5300 is better than its predecessor is because of its modern design. While the 5200’s container isn’t bad, consumers found it hard to store it after use.

Vitamix 5300’s Low-Profile Container offers the same capacity but is designed to easily fit in your kitchen cabinets. Additionally, this feature allows you to add extra ingredients while the machine is running. Thus, making the 5300 the winner in this category.

In the case of container capacity, we choose Vitamix 5300.


Blade Type

One thing that makes both products similar is the type and quality of the blade.

Both blades are “dull” and are made out of hardened stainless steel. Unlike razor sharp blades, these blades are safer to use and operate. This serves as its own perk since ‘dull blades’ rely on a consistent mixture of motor strength and a tough blade to function properly.


Clean Up

These machines are both similar in their clean up methods. More recent brands have their own pre-programmed cleanup feature. However, both of these blenders can be easily cleaned with a sponge and some soap. 

Alternatively, create your own solution and then place it in the blender. After 60 seconds, your blender will look as good as new. Make sure to clean your blender after each usage to prevent bacteria and unwanted germs from sticking to your blender.


The Verdict

The Vitamix 5300 is the clear winner. Unlike its predecessor, it has an improved motor, faster-blending speed, and a better container. Ultimately, it’s a great addition to your kitchen should be considered if you plan on mixing more complex ingredients.


We recommend buying both blenders, but the 5300 has a couple of slight advantages over the 5200. If you are on a budget, then the 5200 will still perform above your expectations. Each blender has the operational power to serve as a great asset in your kitchen.

Do you have any experience using any of Vitamix’s products?

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